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Posted by Deborah Reardon on

We all love our shoes. Whether you have 5 pairs or 50 pairs (or more) Here are some tips to keep your shoe collection organised, accessible and protected.

Tip 1. Plan for visibility and access. A shoe tower on the outside perimeter of your wardrobe from floor to ceiling gives good visibility and access.

Tip 2. Place your most frequently used shoes at eye height. Shoes used less often store in clear storage bags or containers on higher shelves and to keep them in good condition, give them a quick wiped clean after use.

Tip 3. Store boots ideally hanging with clips off a rail and ideally use boot shapers in place to keep their shape and prevent cracking and creases developing. Hanging boots keep them aired and in shape ready for the next outing.Consider installing hooks on the outside of your wardrobe organiser to hang your boots.

Tip 4. For flat shoes consider an over door hanger with multi pockets for shoe storage. These are ideal for flat shoes that can easily slip together into one pocket. And hanging over the back of a door out of site is a practical solution.

Tip 5. High heels require more space due to their shape, individual cubbies are ideal for high heels, keeping them visible and in good condition. Don't stack High heels this can damage the heel and leather from sharp edges of the heels. 

Tip 6. Consider installing a shoe locker in the garage. These are really practical for sports shoes and gardening boots etc. A shoe locker can be tall and have 2 doors or open like a bookcase, custom made to suit your available space.

Tip 8. Separate shoe boxes in a cube tower in the garage for everyone.Children can have colour coded plastic bins that fit perfectly into our 400mm x 400mm cube range.See our products page for the fully assembled and commercial strength cube towers.

Tip 9. Take the time to review your shoes from time to time, if a pair has not been worn in the last 12 months maybe its time to consider if they will ever be used again?

I suspect that the hoarding gene is in all of us and often old favourites are kept more for sentimental than practical use.

Tip 10. With an old favourite pair of shoes, with loads of happy memories, attached, but you haven't worn them for some years, take a photo of them for sentimental reasons and ship them off to the salvation army. 


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